Sunday’s Announcement and Some Silliness

I am sitting here all cozy on the couch listening to the wind howling outside.  Somehow when its during the day and I don’t have to go out – its kinda cozy in here.  But if I ever hear it at night, I can’t sleep a wink.  But I’m also one of those people that doesn’t like the sound of fans, etc.

The horses are out in it having a great time.  You’d think they would huddle in their stalls, but no they are jumping, and biting and whatever horses do when they are having fun.


We got some snow flurries along with the wind and this is what we saw when we looked out the window:

We really didn’t get any accumulation – just against the windows!


Jill doesn’t care.  She has her spot.


So here is the MOST exciting news.  My daughter Amanda is pregnant!!  I am over the moon excited.  You may hear me mention it now and then….. or a hundred thousand times.

Now speaking of pregnancy, Luna is in heat.  Sorry Amanda, that was not the best sedge-way……    Anyway the vet requested that we wait as long as possible to spay/neuter our dogs.  The new thinking is that its much healthier as close to their first birthday as possible.  Well, this is not fun.  And if I knew where the Vet lived I’d deliver two dogs and see how healthy they are.    At first I didn’t think Jake knew what it was all about.  Oh yea, he does.   He ended up in seclusion in the cage.  Then  I purchased a package of doggie diapers.

Anyone need a package of doggie diapers – minus one diaper?


The compromise?  Jake on a leash – indoors.  What do you guess he is thinking about here?


I made these (Paleo egg muffins) and they were o.k.


But I was dreaming of these:

Did you know that you can have cookies like these delivered to my door?  Hello?  Anyone?  It’s not just for Christmas….


Well there you have my weekend.  Hopefully yours was better,    as good as mine.

One step at a time,











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