Sunday’s Run with So Many Things to See

Today’s run felt really good.   6.3 miles @ 9:19.

During my run, I heard a very strange sound.  I was pretty sure it was a bird, (I’m smart like that) but couldn’t see anything around.  And then I saw a couple of these:


They are Sandhill Cranes.  Cool, huh?   My speeding past them didn’t bother them at all.


When I got home Patient Husband had this ready for me!



Then it seemed like  a good day to load up the dogs and take a trip to Billings.  Its always fun to look like the Clampetts and head to the ‘big city’.


On the way, we saw the neighbors branding their calves.  Here are several pictures because I think it is a neat thing to see.



and for the full effect:



As we drove on, I kept hearing “Are we there yet?”



I’m Sooooooo Bored!



Mom, she’s squishing me!




“Please can I have a new toy?”



We went to this fantastic sporting good store called SCHEEL’s.   I walked around and around and saw so many things I absolutely needed right now.   Even that tank top that was on sale for $90….

Off to Costco where I can actually leave with the things I want!  Dinner was one of those awesome roasted chickens.

And a night of movies, comforters, animals at my feet and coffee.

I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for this new week!




2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Run with So Many Things to See

  1. My Dear Anne, You have no idea how reading Running myself Ragged, helps me to get through my days.. I can smile and laugh with you and feel your warmth..
    Thank you for this blessing in my life.

    1. Robin, How wonderful for you to share this with me. To know that you might sit with your coffee and I make you at least smile each day. This make me so happy. I love that this brings us together when we are geographically so far away.

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