Sunday’s Synopsis of Running, Eating and Emergency Stops

I was going to an appointment with PH on Saturday morning.  It was one of those appointments that only, um, older people have.  Anyway, when  we got inside the girl at the desk said “wow you looked like you were 22 years old when I saw you coming in”.  I was beaming.  Then she added “from a distance”.   Damn.  It was quite a distance.

While I was there, I was able to follow my friend, Kim, participate in her Triathlon on my phone!  It was very cool.  I could see her speed/pace as well as see the course she was following.



When we got home, a package was waiting for me.  My earphones were at my door in less than 24 hours!  Just like Amazon promised.   How do they do that?



Then dinner out with friends and lots of great, lively conversation.



Sunday morning was my scheduled long run.  I always have to try to ‘prepare’ myself.  I was careful not to eat a lot of veggies or salad the night before and even took a couple of Immodium a couple of hours before I got up.   But once again nothing worked and about 2 miles in I desperately have to ‘go’.    I guess even a little bit of salad or veggies is too much and I’ll keep adjusting the time I take the immodium.

I got in my 9 miles with an average pace of 9:37 and actually didn’t feel too bad.   My race is getting close – only 3 weeks away.  I am going  to Virginia  for one  week for some new job training, so it looks like I’ll be doing some work on the treadmill  that week.  Unless of course I find somewhere good to run there.

After my run/shower/breakfast, we headed to Billings, Montana.  We wanted to grab some things at Costco as well as I wanted to look for a couple of things to wear in Virginia.  My ‘business casual’ clothes have gotten few and far between.  (I really enjoy the fact that my day to day attire is usually running clothes!)

I have tried some new things from Costco that I’m excited to try.   I’m all about healthy things that are in pouches and cook in 90 seconds.



And some good and healthy snacks that I’ve been told are really good.



I’ll be sure to share with you.  Well I won’t actually be able to share, but I will let you know if I recommend them!



The pups are getting so big, they like to look over our shoulders in the car.



When I realize I haven’t even started my blog:



I hope your weekend was great – full of exciting things, or calm and relaxing.  Whatever it takes to get you ready for the week!



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