Super Bowl, Super Friends, Time to Stop Celebrating

Super Bowl  Sunday!  I actually went to my first Super Bowl party!  But first, lets go back to Sunday morning.   I started out with a tough Insanity workout – 45 minutes of Cardio Plyo.  Most of it I could do, but whenever they did drops to the ground or pushups, I modified it and did forearm planks.  It worked out well.


My assignment for the party was to bring brownies.  So I made two trays; one with nuts, one without.


The only part that was hard was not munching on them before the party.


We had a lot of good food and good fun watching the Super Bowl.


This morning I slept in a little, but then did another Insanity workout.  This one was Core Cardio and Balance.  The balance part is tough!  Jack tried to prevent me from changing the channel from the show he was watching.


Lunch today was with my two friends/co-workers, Stacy and Kim.  So good to have some laughs and catch up on our lives.

Now I have a confession.  I’ve really gained too much weight (at least too much to be happy with myself) in the last 2 months.  So  seriously eating well and working out is my life from now on.  Christmas, vacation to Key West, etc. etc. has taken its toll.  You all will keep me on the straight and narrow.


I also saw this headline…….    Oh if only it could be true.  I would be “imagining” 24 hours a day.


Scientists discover just IMAGINING exercising can make you stronger, tone your muscles, and delay or stop muscle atrophy

  • A new research study suggests that just thinking of exercising can have the same effects as actually hitting the gym
  • Scientists have long known the connection between the brain and muscle movement, but now, they have discovered that imagery techniques can delay muscle atrophy
  • This new development may lead to improvements in neurorehabilitation and help control the negative effects of aging  

Lets all start imagining right now, just in case….

And now something cute:


Have a great day.


2 thoughts on “Super Bowl, Super Friends, Time to Stop Celebrating

  1. I’m the seal. I totally remember that I Love Lucy episode. 🙂 If you are gaining weight doing those workouts, then I’m not even going to start!! Signed, your sister, who feels like the wintertime blob who has decided to just meditate on exercise.

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