Surprises, Hikes, and Good Food

What’s better than a surprise guest?  On Saturday afternoon we found out that our daughter-in-law, who is on her way driving from N. Carolina to Oregon, would be coming into town that night!  We were so excited.  We tried not to keep her up too late talking because she had been driving 2 straight days.

Sunday morning we all ventured out for breakfast at The Flagstaff in Sheridan.



So much fun to catch up over lots of cups of coffee.



Once back home, Amber worked on her maps and travel plans for the rest of the trip.  Then we loaded up the dogs and went for a hike.



It was a beautiful day and a great hike.  The dogs loved it, too.



Amber looking at the canyon views.



We aren’t sure but the hike was probably 10-15 miles  3 to 4 miles and at the end Gus got to have a good swim. The puppies weren’t quite ready.

What could be better after a hike than Mexican food?   If you think these burritos look large, you’re right.





In Wyoming, you don’t have to hunt down turkeys, they come right to your door.



The perfect ending to a fun day – this unusual rainbow.  It seemed to come straight up out of the mountains.



I hope you had a fun weekend too.  Time to start a new week.  Make it a point to make your day a good day.






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