Sweatin’ With an Oldie

Those of you who have read my blog more than once (anyone?) you will know that I end my blog by saying, “Keep moving”.  Today I broke my own motto.   It was more like “please don’t make me move”.   It was 96º .  My dear friend, Robin in Arizona….how.do.you.do.it?

We don’t have air conditioning.  You won’t need it, they said.  The breezes will cool you, they said.  Well guess what?  I do need it and there were NO breezes and I was miserable.  It was one of those days, the dogs came right back in after peeing because they couldn’t bear to walk around.  When sitting at my kitchen bar, my legs had to be peeled off the leather   pleather seats whenever I changed positions.  I like to say that I don’t sweat except when running.  Today?  I was sweating, oh yea, dripping down my back – the whole deal.



Fans, you wonder?  Oh hell yea.  As a matter of fact, the one in our living room is called a “Big Ass Fan”.  Not big enough for this girl.




Are you kidding me?  Some women look sexy while sweating??



Wait!  Where is that  ridiculous   so thoughtful  gift PH gave me for Christmas?   Ah HA!  It works!


Meanwhile, the heat doesn’t seem to affect my cute-little-flower-garden-eater.


I did have some fun today talking to my Grandson, Alistair.  Unfortunately, that got cut short when he admitted that he had lost his ‘slime’ toy down the drain when he was attempting to wash it.  That’s all I need to say about that.

Oh but he WAS adorable in the Aladdin play he was in:



Hey – we found this on our truck when we arrived home – anyone know if that is caused by heat????


Speaking of shattering…..   the other week, I had an unfortunate incident involving my ipad, the coffee table and the tile floor.  It didn’t go well for the Ipad.  Now we are not talking about a scratch or a crack, we are talking about shattered.  Actually take that picture of the truck window above and place it over an Ipad.

Now I have very important games   stuff that I do on that Ipad.  I didn’t really want to mention it to PH after the lost watch incident, but he got suspicious when he saw me using band-aids on my fingers so I could swipe…….

But, alas, my daughter said “no worries, Mom, send it to me”.   Within days she sent it back looking like this:


A perfect new screen.  Is she amazing, or what?


I shall now slide off my chair and go watch the latest episode of  ‘Suits’ that I have recorded.  I love that show!

Keep moving, that is, if you feel like it.


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