Taking it Easy, One Tissue at a Time

I actually got up ready to do a long run this morning.  I thought if I got up and ran before my congestion started draining……     I dressed in my layers, tied my shoes, got my bluetooth headphones adjusted, all while avoiding the “you have got to be kidding” look I was getting from Patient Husband.  I decided to come to a compromise – I would run down my hill a 1/2 mile and back up a few times to get in some hill work.  As I rand downhill I realized I was breathing through my mouth – not because thats how I work out but because that was the only way I could.  Then every step I took pounded in my head.  I turned and headed up hill.  Darn it – he was watching as I walked and ran to get back to the door.   I went past the house straight to the barn and took care of my morning chores.

Yes I’m stubborn.  Somehow showing myself that I couldn’t run was much better than just accepting the fact.  So the rest of the day was this.


Eventually my chest became congested and I remember that to describe how my cold was progressing, I pointed to my head and said “there’s nothing up here any more”.  The reply was “just what I thought”.

I did make some comfort food for dinner :  turkey pot pie with mashed potatoes on top.  It tasted better than this picture portrays.


So my day was filled with reading the stack of magazines beside the couch, looking  through tons of websites with running gear,  sounding like James Earl Jones when I talked and wearing running clothes the entire time.  🙂


Tomorrow will be better.  I know it will.


Anyone else try to run through their cold?                                                                                                     

What is your comfort food?  (mine is usually something involving bread)


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