Taking it In and Savoring Every Moment

How is your weekend so far?  I hope you’ll have some time today to sit for a while with your cup of coffee and truly relax.  What’s that, you say?  I know what you mean.  I realized the other day that very rarely do we actually enjoy NOW.  Not planning what you need to do, or thinking of what you should have done or dreading an upcoming deadline.  Just taking in the moment.

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I keep one of my horses at the neighbors house to be a buddy for her horse.  We have a nice arrangement because when one of us goes out of town, the other can care for the horses.  I went up early this morning and let them out to the big pasture.  Tonight, when I got there all I did was call them and they came running all the way from the field right to me.  I took a video (or thought I did) but when I checked it tonight it was 1 second long.  hmm I need to work on that.



While I was there,  the girls thought I was there to see them.

As you can see, Ryan the horse reminded me that I needed to do my job and feed him!

This girl seemed quite perturbed.



Back home, I fixed more snack food.  I cannot get enough.

IMG_0282 IMG_0281



I love google.  No matter what I want to know, I can get the answer.  And the internet is never wrong, right? So this time I googled what’s the most common google questions about running.     Coach Google’s questions about running certainly show that even the simplest of sports can be complicated, that that myth about your knees will never, ever go away.

Top 20 training questions on running,

  1. How to start running?
  2. How to run faster?
  3. What to eat before a run?
  4. Is running good for you?
  5. How long does it take to run a mile?
  6. How to breathe when running?
  7. How many calories does running burn?
  8. How to run properly?
  9. How long does it take to run 5K?
  10. How long after eating can I run?
  11. What to eat after a run?
  12. How many times a week should I run?
  13. Is running bad for you?
  14. How to warm up for a run?
  15. What is a tempo run?
  16. Is running bad for your knees?
  17. Will I lose weight by running?
  18. What to wear for running?
  19. What causes a stitch when running?
  20. How to run a half-marathon?

Well that just started me on all kinds of google questions…..  How about THE most common keyword googled?

Its very boring.  Its “weather”.

weatherOh well nothing exciting there.

One more thing about google.  The 47th most common keyword is “Pizza”.    I get that.
But number 30??  The periodic Table.   No way.

I want you to print this out and put it next to your bed or next to your coffee pot or your toothbrush or wherever:

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