Talking, Exploring and Sharing Memories

What a busy day yesterday.  Breakfast was at home in the cute little dining room made for 4.  Then we loaded up the car and headed for the tip of Cape Cod – Provincetown.  It’s actually a longer drive than we expected and yet we loved going through all these adorable towns.  I was the designated driver.


Once we arrived, the two oldest sisters (I love saying that) went to the local museum while Sandy (the youngest) and I went walking.  Its an ‘interesting’ town, but actually not as weird or crazy as I had expected.IMG_0112

Mid-day, two sisters went on a whale watching trip for 3 hours.  Because of the wind, they both looked like they were bundled up for an arctic expedition.  Marcia and I were up for 3 hours of window shopping, people watching and more talking (if that’s possible).


Here’s an interesting way to store your knives:



A statue on the street titled “Tourists”.


I have not been running but its certainly not by choice.  As we drive around, I keep thinking, “oh this would be a great place to run”.  But my heel is still sore and I’m sure if I run it will never get better – walking all day probably isn’t helping either.  I’ve been icing it at night which seems to be helping.

The whale watching trip was a success.  They saw as many as 40 whales and had a great time.  We finished off the trip with a drive around the coastline and then headed back to our home.

Pizza take-out and then an evening of  reviewing our aging bodies and all that comes with it.  Oh we spent hours of reminiscing too, which brought lots of laughter and good memories.

An interesting fashion fact.  Three of us bought the same shirt, same color, same size.  Is that a little too much?

This has been such a great trip so far.



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