Ten Miles of Running and Arms of Steel

Today I got “Arms of Steel” .  I got them in one day!    But first, let’s  back up a little.

I started my morning at 4:30.  That’s A.M.  In order to get 10 miles in before Patient Husband passes me on the road, I figured I needed to leave the house between 5:10 and 5:15.  Therefore to allow time for getting myself ready and letting the dogs out, the alarm went off at 4:30.

You might say why don’t you just run later and run a loop?  Here’s why.  The earlier I run, the better I run and my favorite course is point to point.  I guess you could say I am completely responsible for my own early morning insanity.

It was beautiful outside.  At about 5:30 I passed a woman who was taking pictures of the mountains and canyons down the road from me.  I smiled big and sucked in my stomach just in case I got in the picture.

There were lots of deer out with me.  Some crossing the road.IMG_1794

Others were out in the fields.


I finished my 10 miles and actually felt pretty good.  YAY!  2-1/2 weeks to race day.

I finally faced the fact that I needed to mow the lawn.  I use the word lawn because grass would be a lie.  Our lawn consists of lots of green, but equal parts more weeds than grass but from a distance – its green.  It’s a beautiful thing.


I took out our battery operated weedeater.  Love it because you push a button and it starts.  I wish a lot of things…….well that’s for another day.  I worked non-stop except to switch batteries when the first one died.

Now back to the Arms of Steel story.  You don’t get Arms of Steel in one step.  Oh no.  First, hold up a weedeater until you no longer can raise your arms.  After that, you have reached the second step:  Arms of Jello.  A very odd sensation – kind of like stepping off a boat after a long ride or getting off a spin bike when you had no business being on one in the first place.  They don’t work quite right.

Then, usually several hours later or even the next day,  jello becomes steel.   The arms don’t bend and  they weigh approximately 500 pounds each so its almost impossible  to lift them.  It’s official Arms of Steel.

Yesterday was time for the Farrier.  I had a nice discussion with  Durango while watching Banjo get a pedicure.




This evening, I spent 2 hours pulling out clothes, trying them on, stacking them and trying to figure out how I will fit all these clothes in one suitcase.  5 days equals a lot of clothes….

So after the 10 miles, the weedeating, and those 2 hours, I should sleep well tonight.  Hopefully as well as these two mopheads.


The weekend is almost here!!


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