The Bay Area Welcomes Us

Our first day in San Fran was fact-filled, a wee bit chilly, interesting and then not so happy.  So here goes.

Our first adventure was to Alcatraz.  Loved it.  Just the views from the boat back to the City were worth it.


Unfortunately it was quite foggy in the morning and we really coudn’t see the Golden Gate Bridge but more on that later.

Here we are approaching THE ROCK.


We did the free audio tour and it was narrated by guards and former inmates.  Very interesting.


If you go – take a jacket – its cold in there.  I even got to experience what it was like “in the hole”.  Not at all like having to sleep on the couch.

When we got back, and we were driving we had this conversation:

PH:  There it is, there it is – the Golden Gate Bridge!
Me:  But its not golden (pouting).  I thought it was kinda reddish orange.
PH:  Maybe it needs a coat of paint.
Me:  I’m so disappointed, it just looks like a regular bridge.
Pictures taken.  Roll window down.  More pictures taken.
PH:  OK, maybe that’s not the Golden Gate.

Lots of laughter (and some relief on my part).

Then off to Chinatown.  I think we were in the wrong part of Chinatown.  Very dirty and….well……filled with not so good smells.  But still a fun place to see.


Which came first?  The Lamborghini or the trash stuffed beside it.


We  did find a place for lunch and I liked my fortune:


I’m not sure if I should nod and say “Of course they are” or burst out laughing.

Next we parked in a parking garage and went into the shopping district.  We were gone less than 2 hours.  We came back to this:


Are you kidding me???????  The lot was full.  Cars on both sides.  In fact one of them was a Bentley!!   Now here is the weird thing.  Nothing was taken.  Nothing was even touched!  Someone smashed our window just to smash our window.

We headed back to the airport and the rental car agency was very helpful and nice and got us into a new car and back out on the street.  But now it was quite late and we headed back to Half Moon Bay.   Exhausted.

Friday – lots of places we hope to see.  Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard street, and a ball game.






2 thoughts on “The Bay Area Welcomes Us

  1. Foggy cold Alcatraz, stinky Chinatown and your window bashed in? The smashed window would have left me feeling sad and violated. I’m sure Friday will make up for it! <3

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