The Buddy Pouch Review and Some Random Thoughts

When I was at the running expo last weekend, I tried to find something to hold my iphone separate from my keys, gels, and other things I run with.  I am not one who likes those arm bands.  The belt I wear now looks like this. indexI purchased a pouch that slid onto this belt.   As soon as I started running that pouch was bouncing all over the place.  Oh no, 13 miles of this?????

So now I want to tell you about something I found that I love!  Its a Buddy Pouch by 



There is no need for a belt at all.  The pouch attaches to your waistband with magnets.  So on a daily run, I can put it on my running tights and be ready to go.  Something they mention is that this works great for daily use or traveling.  I love this idea!  Something that I can put my tickets, $$, and phone in and keeps my hands free.


Your waistband goes right between the two sides:



Please go to their website  I got the 6″x4″ size but they have many more items to look at!


Now for some random thoughts:

My friend had a package of these at work.  What’s not to love?  Vegan, fiber, protein (baked nutrition) and according to her, they taste great.


And this is what they advertise:

The Complete Cookie Facts

Fresh Baked
No High Fructose Corn Syrup
No Cholesterol No Trans Fat
No Artificial Sweeteners No Sugar Alcohols
Sustainable Palm Oil
Serving Size: 2.0 oz (56.5 Grams) Amount Per Serving  190 Calories

Not bad, huh?  Except one serving is 1/2 a cookie!  Of course they don’t tell you that, they only refer to the serving size as 2 oz.  What person would think that a serving is 1/2 a cookie?  That’s. just. wrong.


A little reading on the internet today and this caught my eye:

Dog-Man Duo Sets New Mile Record


An attorney and his Weimaraner captured the six-legged title on June 5.

A five-year-old Weimaraner, Kaydom, and his 39-year-old owner, Brian Duff, won the State Street Dog Mile in a blistering 4:13.


What I’m wondering is, If I was running with Kaydom, would I run a 4:13 mile?



An inspiring life tip from a friend on Facebook.


Makes sense to me.


And now its Friday morning for you!  That was a quick week, huh?





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