The Cast is Off and I see a Brighter Future!

You’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about my foot haven’t you?  Or are you saying ‘what is she talking about?’   Spoiler alert:  the cast is off!!!

Lets back up.  I left you hanging on which dog was going to go with us to Colorado.  Well, Luna won the lottery.  I’m not going to say that secretly I think she is PH’s favorite… I’ll say it was because her coat was shaved off by the groomer and we were afraid she would be too cold at the kennel. PH took the boys to the kennel the night before.  Luna could not understand why they weren’t coming back.


She was very sad without them.


We headed out about 10:30 Monday morning.  No snow.  But then about 1-1/2 hours down the road, the winds started.  And that’s putting it lightly.  We started getting warnings of high gusts of 40mph.  Then 50mph and soon it was 70 mphThis is tighten the seatbelt, hold onto the armrest windy!  We saw this:

and this:

and even this:


Actually, we saw 9 tractor-trailers flipped over in just a matter of miles.  When we reached Colorado, the wind finally stopped.  From there it was fairly easy going till we reached my sister’s house.

Vail valley was absolutely beautiful all decorated for Christmas.  This is just a couple of trees I could catch:


We were greeted at my sister’s by her Granddaughter, Piper.  She was very excited to show us her new look:


The next morning, off we went to the Steadman Clinic to get the cast off.  Are you absolutely positive it cant cut skin??

Layer after layer…

I know that under all that hair (yikes!) and flaky skin (gross!) was a happy foot that could breath again.




The Dr. said he is happy with my progress and graduated me to THE BOOT.  The boot is taller and more bulky than the cast!  But, it can come off.  If I am sitting, sleeping, showering or driving I have gotten permission to take it off.  Frankenstein, anyone?


I was sent home with instructions for the next 6 weeks which includes slowly weaning myself out of the boot and going to physical therapy.   I’m looking way out but I think I see running in my future!

Since I will eventually be starting back by walking first, maybe some of you out there could join me.  What do you think?  Get off the couch and do this with me?   We’ll discuss this later, but keep it in the back of you mind.  I would love some company – even if it is on the internet.

One step at a time,




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