The Final Friday of 2016

Heading to work this morning, I was driving!  Why is this so exciting?  Because I haven’t driven a car in 7 weeks.  I just forgot one thing.   To take my boot off.    Now I know why  I wasn’t allowed to drive with a cast.   I made it fine to work – considering its straight down the road.  I do not recommend it.

Then after lunch, I had my Physical Therapy appointment.  I drove there with two running shoes.  Its been FOREVER since I had two shoes on!  Anyway, everyone knows me there.   I’m not sure if that’s a good sign when you are known by all the physical therapists!

So Terry stated that we are starting out ‘conservatively’.  Especially since I am not starting to wean off the boot until next week.  He totally agrees with my new running shoes – Hoka Ones and he told me all about some local trails to run (eventually).  Then I had 15 minutes on the bike, then foot massage,

then ultrasound, then it was time to go.

I think this will work.


The snow was really coming down as I drove home and all the roads were already covered.  Luckily I found two movies at Redbox and I’m all settled in for the evening.  I’ll worry about getting to work in the morning tomorrow, right?

I’m starting with “Bad Moms” and the second movie is “Sully”.   Apparently,  I like variety.

I’m also trying to decide, do I have to take down all my decorations this weekend?  Usually I do it on New Year’s day but everything looks so pretty….. I might just wait one more week.

What are you doing about ending Christmas?  Maybe a little at a time ?

One step at a time,






One thought on “The Final Friday of 2016

  1. Aw…..if it makes you happy then leave it as long as it does. Glad your foot is on the mend finally!


    Life is precious, life is fragile and life is short. Live each day with kindness & mindfulness.

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