The Sea, the Sand, and Some Running

Hi!  Greetings from the west coast!  I feel very lucky with the weather so far.  Now we have had some super rainstorm –  Like thunder (!), sideways rain, and crazy wind.  But most days if it rains, it’s off and on.

This weekend we headed into Amanda’s office to hang curtains, pictures, etc.  As we hauled in bags and boxes, it was pouring.  By the time we finished, the skies had cleared up and we were able to walk through the little beach shops.

I went out for a run this morning.  The first time I’ve done a ‘first thing in the morning’ run since I’ve arrived.  About a mile out, it started raining pretty hard.  I had on a rain jacket and hat so I wasn’t cold.  I thought I was being pretty bad-ass actually.

Approximately 6 minutes later it was over.  Hey, I was bad-ass for a while!  Running started out with lead legs.  It was crazy hard to keep moving, but I kept reminding myself that the first mile is always the worst.  It did get much better, but I am SO slow.  Is it because I am trying to run ‘for the fun of it’?  I’m trying not to let it bother me and just add mileage.

Remember when I mentioned that there were a lot of hills?  I had to take a picture of one of them so you would understand.
It looks like this and feels like San Francisco.

But I made it here:

Beautiful views from here.  This is also  the start of the Newport half-marathon I did here with my daughter.

Around the corner, was this:
I had to stop and rest and catch my breath  and take in the sight.

Then I found a wooded trail and steps down to the beach.  Wow.  It was great. All hard-packed sand and empty!

The only negative was that now I had to run home!  As I headed back, I started to have some hip pain.  I shortened my stride and that did seem to help but I’m not sure if that is actually a good thing to do or if I was just hoping it was.  I finished with 4.5 miles.  I realized I can’t just think about doing my stretches and exercises, I may have to actually DO them.

Once home, I got to sit with this naked little guy.


Pictures from Patient Husband in Wyoming today:

The dogs are sad and miss me.


Murray the cat has a hard time sleeping with the sun in his eyes.


But he sleeps fine once he can sleep on my flip flop. (Not sure how that got on the bed)


This evening we took the dogs and headed to another nearby beach called South Beach.  Finn was ready in his fisherman’s jacket and crab hat.

Walking out to the beach ….  That bright light out in the distance is a ship.


Even when its cloudy, it’s breathtaking.


Does every coffee drinker out there understand this like I do?

Now if I can just figure out how I can arrange for each morning to have me with that cup of coffee walking on that beach.

One step at a time,




Happy Birthday to my oldest son.  His birthday was Sunday and he was travelling.  I will not tell you how old he is because I may or may not pretend to be that age sometimes.   🙂



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