The Sun, The Moon, Falling and Getting Back on Track

Hi Everyone.  Are you all totally eclipsed?

I have to admit that during the build up (for months) of the upcoming eclipse, I was really a little over it.  I mean, what’s the big deal?


Then Monday came.  We had errands to do.  As we drove into town, people were starting to congregate.  Well, ok lets go find some glasses.  Nope. No where.   No one had any left.  You know its only an hour away, right?




I got a picture from Oregon of little Finnegan.  Even he had glasses


As we came out of Walmart (our last hope), people actually said “want to look?” and were wanting to share the experience.  OK how cool is that?  So there we were standing in the parking lot with strangers watching a very, very cool sight. 

These ladies decided to take advantage of some tanning time.

And some just used it to spend some time together

Although it didn’t get dark here, it did get somewhat ‘dusky’ and we all agreed it felt well… weird.  Did any of you feel the same way?

And with the eclipse, Patient Husband and I are cleaning up our eating habits (But I love pizza and ice cream every day!).  I am making a point of having a workout of some sort every day.  Remember all those blogs of just-keep-moving theme?  Yea well I need to read them to myself.  Its so easy to backslide. 

Until I hear more from the Dr. on my hip, I am doing low mileage on trails.  I have really enjoyed it.  No worrying about time, just getting out there and trying not to trip and fall.  Its a lot harder than road running.  I’ve also taken Jake with me each time.  He loves it.  On the trails, he runs on my heels – literally.  But on a dirt road, he has to wait for me.

Yesterday I did a SeanT Insanity workout.  They always beat my butt.

Then today up on the trail with Jake at 6:30 a.m.  A beautiful view of the sun coming up.  It was bright red, but for some reason that didn’t show up.

The trail. 

Today I wasn’t so lucky on the ‘don’t trip and fall’ part.  Somewhere on this trail was something that reached up and tripped me.  Luckily only a small scratch …..

I hope your week has been injury free. Maybe this bit of knowledge will cheer you up.

Have a great end of the week.  Until then,

One step at a time (without falling),


2 thoughts on “The Sun, The Moon, Falling and Getting Back on Track

  1. Thank you for always making me smile. I needed this my last two weeks have been hell..
    just so sad all the time.. I decided today that the next time someone asks me how I am I am just going to be honest and tell I am lost, hurt, so sad.. and the next time someone tells me it will get better I mu=ight just need jail money..
    Thank you again for the smiles..
    Stay safe out there.

    Love you,

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