The Weekend is Here

The weekend is here.  Unfortunately it started with an airport shooting and terrible winter storms all over the country.

Friday’s physical therapy was new and different.  I had to work!  No more spending the whole time getting foot massages and ultrasounds!  I started off with 15 minutes on the bicycle.  Then while sitting on a stool on wheels, I maneuvered my way across the room forward and backward using my feet.  It’s only easy if you get the momentum going.  Then a few times walking backward with a rubber strap between me and the therapist.  This way he controlled the resistance.  Midway through these exercises I realized a sweater is not the uniform of the day!  I also completed a lot of balance exercises on my ‘bad’ foot.  All in all, Terry was pleased with my progress and let me relax at the end with heat and hooked to a TENS unit (electrical stimulation).

Of course I am very excited to be moving forward without pain.

I started Saturday off with a fairly easy morning at work.  Since I am ‘weaning’ off my boot, I was able to work the whole shift wearing my running shoes!  I can’t explain how great it feels!


Sunday is Patient Husband’s birthday, so we decided to celebrate it Saturday night with a dinner at the “Open Range” restaurant in Sheridan.   PH invited a few of our friends.

The restaurant is located in a historical building called the Sheridan Inn that was built for Buffalo Bill.


We had an excellent meal and toasted to the next year.


Then how do you top that?  By getting a movie at Redbox, of course.


Although the temperature was in the single digits, one family thought it would be nice to go for a walk through the parking lot while we were choosing a movie.

And then a cozy night at home with the three dogs at our feet and an exciting movie to watch.


I hope you are enjoying your weekend, too.

One step at a time,


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