There’s no such thing as too many running shoes

My morning started out with 3 and 1/4 miles on the treadmill – this time  watching a simulated trail in Monterey California along the coast.



Then after breakfast, I had a nice visit from UPS.  My new trail running shoes!!!!


They feel very comfy.  And if you are wondering (like I was) what’s the big difference between road running shoes and trail running shoes, I think this will help you understand.


Now that’s some serious tread!  I can’t wait to try them out.   I made a new space in my closet right next to my four road running shoes.  Patient Husband seemed to be very worried that I might not have room for this pair.  You don’t think that he was being sarcastic do you?

Today was nice enough to open up the barn doors and also do some screen cleaning.  Nope that’s not a typo.  One of the things I dread doing   I look forward to each spring is getting out all the screens and cleaning them before putting them back up.

I get them all out and use a hose, etc.


Mainly because last year, the neighbors were complaining….



This afternoon all the animals were sleeping peacefully.



I was thinking how I’ve often heard people use the saying “If you lie down with dogs…..”, but they never seem to say the rest of it.   I thought I’d test it out,  so I lay down with the dogs to see what happens.   The saying apparently is “If you lie down with dogs, the dogs get up and leave”.

So here are some dogs that DON’T get up and leave.

dog pugs


If some of you go to races to cheer on a runner, here are some ideas for good signs:

New York City Marathon race sign


Chesapeake Bay Runners Club Marathon race sign

Or even supply an irresistible place to rest:

Utah Valley Marathon race sign

I think the best thing I ever heard was when I ran the Key West 1/2 during hurricane warnings and a woman yelled, “You’re in Paradise, SMILE!”   I laughed out loud.

Have a great day.  Have another cup of coffee and keep moving!



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