Things I Have Learned

I haven’t written in a few days because I was worried that it was going to start being like the Weather Channel.  You know on and on and on about the snow is coming, the snow is here, the snow is melting……

But then I realized maybe all of you enjoying the nice spring weather would like a good laugh at people who live in the arctic.  Also, if I ever get out of this harsh land, you will all understand and cheer me on!

So after saying all that, here is a weather update!!

I told you all about the snow we got on Tuesday night and then there was MORE!

This is actually the most snow I have ever seen.  Now the snow was over the tops of my boots – actually thigh high.  The dogs were making tunnels.

Even Murray was amazed.


Banjo is wondering if he should take up ice climbing or downhill skiing.

Now lets move inside to see what was going on during my isolation.

Family photo.  Cats being catty.


Jack trying to warm up by sitting as close as he can.


Luna dreaming of spring.


Jake spent a lot of time being a lap dog.


Gus is always showing off.

I want to thank all of you who sent words of encouragement to me about getting out of my ‘funk’.  It sure helps.

In fact, today the skies were blue and I found a clear, dry dirt road to take the dogs to.  So we went a couple of miles and all of us felt so much better!


What I have learned about being a shut-in, totally isolated, and suffering from cabin fever:

1.   The less you do, the less you want to do.       


2.  Doing something/ANYthing will help  improve your mood.  So get off the couch.


3.  Then when you do something, it will encourage you to do more.



4.  It takes  days   a long time to get through 4 seasons of The Good Wife.  But as far as binging goes, TV has less calories than pizza and ice cream.


5.  When there is more than 15″ of heavy snow, the only way to shovel it is in layers (5″ at a time)



6.  You can slip and fall on ice that is so thin it looks like water.  (I can vouch for this)


7.  Being shut-in gives you time to try out all those facial masks, nail polishes, and conditioners you’ve been waiting  to try.


8.  Spring weather will someday arrive.

One step at a time,




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