This Week’s Trials and Tribulations.

Well I had a little blogger-break yesterday.  You ever had a day where nothing happened and you just have nothing to talk about.  Yep that was me yesterday.  Plus I’ve had a case of the blues for a few days.   Nothing big just very tired of being in pain or in  a cast or a bandage or a brace.   I had the first surgery in January so I feel like I have been incapacitated in some way for a very long time.


Oh I am so ready for 2017!

Thank you for joining my pity party.  I just needed that for a short time and then all the things I have to be thankful for jump back in and I start feeling much better.

It snowed again – not too much – about 3″ or so.  But some of the areas around us got hit hard with drifts.  Yesterday I ‘bagged’ up my cast and headed out to the barn.  Did you know that a gracery bag is also like a sled?  When you hit ice….whoosh.  And I hit ice.  And I went whoosh.  The good news – nothing was torn, bruised or broken.  But snow got in my cast and seemed to settle and melt under my foot.  Yuck.

Fortunately drying out the cast with a blow dryer really helped, but I was pretty miserable for a while.  Imagine walking around in a wet sock…

Because Jake is another member of this family encased in a leg cast, the daily walks on a leash are still necessary.


I made some sweet potato/ham  soup because it just seemed like the right thing to do.

I loved it.  PH not so much.  He’s more of a meat, vegetables and noodles kind of guy.


I do believe all the decorating is done and all these containers are back in the barn (minus Murray).


I went out to feed the horses tonight (stronger bag – no mishaps) but when I got to Banjo’s stall there was a fox!  He was exiting very rapidly so I didn’t even get a  chance to say Hi or Happy Holidays.

I did such a fine job trimming around Jake’s face the other day, that I went whole-hog , hog-wild  —-  ok why are all those phrases about hogs???  Anyway I attacked Jake with the scissors and he looks mighty fine if I do say so myself.

Is he posing or is he praying I’ll stop?

Here is Luna getting some attention.  She is constantly putting her head under someone’s arm begging for some lovin’


On that note, let’s all give our family a little extra lovin’ at this time of year.  And don’t forget your friends who love you like family.

One step at a time,



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