Thoroughly Random Thursday

I’ll start right out with an update on my heel because, after all, that is what you are on the edge of your seat about.  The taping is working.  Unfortunately it keeps me from wanting to take a shower and have to re-tape it.  The ONLY good news about that is I am not working up a sweat each day.   Oh don’t worry – I am doing some gymnastic routines to keep it dry and out of the shower.


The last couple of days have been ideal.  70s and blue skies.  I’ve been able to sit outside with the dogs, visit with the horses, and even a little pottery.

IMG_0231 IMG_0233

Hey don’t hate.  I’m supposed to be retired, remember?

So some things just caught my attention, or my eye, or got a giggle out of me.

***Don’t fence me in:


****Sharing smiles:

Image 7-14-16 at 8.06 AM (1)


****This struck me because the other evening we were actually saying “doesn’t that look like a pony…..a goose…..etc.


Image 7-14-16 at 8.07 AM


This one because for some reason I have always loved lighthouses – for their symbolism and for their beauty.


Image 7-14-16 at 8.20 AM


If you need some motivation:

I can watch that over and over.

PH thought I had somewhat of a running ‘obsession’ but that is nothing compared to now.  I guess because I am forced to sit instead of getting out there.  So I am researching how to start back after an injury, how to prevent it from happening again, trail running,  shopping for shoes I might buy, compression gear I might buy, reading about other runners, reading others’ blogs, new training concepts and on and on and on.  THIS time I’m gonna do it right.   This time is  in 6 more weeks………

Did I tell you I am off to Seattle on Sunday?  Did I tell you Sunday is my birthday?  Of course not.  I do not celebrate birthdays but I do use them as a good excuse to eat lots of frosting (my favorite part).  I’ll tell you more about Seattle in another post.

This is so me….




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