Thoughts on Thursday

I mentioned possibly running outside this morning?  Yes I was a wimp.


Instead I got on the treadmill.  (The guilt was overwhelming).  I did 4 miles.  The first 3 miles were nothing special and I listened to the Serial podcast.  Then I was so bored during the 4th mile, I did the following program till I finished.  Instead of watching mileage, you are looking at time.  This is what I did:

1 minute at Elevation 1         then 1 minute at 1
2 minutes at Elevation 2      then 1 minute at 1
3 minutes at Elevation 3      then 1 minute at 1
4 minutes at Elevation 4      then 2 minutes at 1

This is a good, hard workout and if you repeat it 4 times you have a great hour.

Because of the wind all night, Gus had some great drifts to play in.

Some dog angels.


body surfing


When the sun came out, Murray decided to Investigate a water leak.


But when he got back in, he decided he needed some light therapy.


By the way, Moose (who has a heart condition and is blind but is only 8 yrs. old) is finally feeling back to his  ‘normal’ after the kennel cough.


I used to be a Polygraph examiner before I retired.  The Northwest Polygraph Examiners Association told me I can continue my membership as ‘Retired’ and can still have some of the same benefits (training, access to their membership page, etc).  Thank you guys.  I really appreciate you.  When I retired, I found it hard not to continue thinking of myself as a detective.  But that’s probably true for all careers.

I have ordered a book called “Older, Faster, Stronger” by Margaret Webb.  Its specifically for those over 50 who want to make the most of their physical activity.  I’ll give you a review later.

I Keep an article that I cut out of a magazine last year on my bedside table.  It helps me remember why I need to keep active each day.   Its titled Run for your Life – 5 Ways exercise does real wonders for your health.


This is a summary.

  1.  Better Knees.  One study found that is may actually help prevent knee osteoarthritis. Runners were 18% less likely than walkers to develop it, in part because running may increase the thickness of knee cartilege.
  2. Less Stress.  According the the Journal of Neuroscience, running may reduce anxiety by triggering neurons that mute your response to stress.
  3. Lower Breast Cancer Risk.  A study of 70,000 women revealed that those who walked at least 7 hrs. per week were 14% less likely to develop breast cancer than the more sedentary women.  More active (running or swimming) women who worked out 6 hrs. a week, slashed their risk by 25%.
  4. Sharper Mind.  (this is what hits home for me!)  One small study found that engaging in light activity like walking on a treadmill for an hour 3 times a week, saw gains in memory in just 3 months.
  5. Longer Life.  In a 2014 study of 55,000 people who ran daily – even for just 5-10 minutes – lived on average three years longer than those that didn’t run.  NOTE: Runners who logged longer workouts didn’t significantly decrease their risk of death from heart disease more than those who ran less.  Who doesn’t have 5 minutes??

Its never too late, Get going!!



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