Thursday Things

Although I listened to the howling wind all night and the snowdrifts were crazy on our driveway, this is what I saw on the way to work:


Pretty amazing, huh?

While checking on the horses, I saw Banjo was just fine.  He has no problem giving, not one – but two, magpies a resting place.


From inside the stalls, this was their view – a 4 foot hill.


From outside, you can see the hill is a result of all the snow falling off the roof.  But they don’t have any problem getting through it towards their hay!



For my half-marathon in South Dakota, I am following a training plan by Hal Higdon in his book “Marathon, The Ultimate Training Guide”. The book has advice, plans and programs for both the half and full marathon.  So I’ll be curious how it helps.  Before I used training plans from the internet, etc.   Today called for a 3.5 mile run, but I went ahead and did 4 miles on the treadmill.

I chose to run at Noosa Beach, Australia.


I really enjoyed this run.  I’m not sure I explained that if other people in the world are running this same program at the same time, they will show up running with me!  See all the people ahead of me?  Up in the left corner it shows the 3 closest people’s names and how far ahead (or behind ) they are.  You can’t see it but under their name is the country they are from.  Tonight I saw Sweden, Paris, Ireland and others.

I should mention that this doesn’t make the running  itself any easier except that it is nice to have a great view instead of my garage wall!  I also listen to music or a podcast just as if I was outside running on this beach!

Do you think with all this running, I’m looking pretty sexy now?




Its almost the weekend!!  Have fun!






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