Thursdays Thoughts

It rained today!   Yes I am actually happy about it.  Our summer has been 90º and no rain for weeks.   My pasture looks amazingly like the Sahara.



When the rain finally stopped, the dogs couldn’t wait to get outside.  One poor rabbit decided to lead them on a chase….


The end of the property and no sign of Mr. Rabbit.


Jack doesn’t even flinch.


Even with rabbits running around, Jill doesn’t move off the couch.  Too much work.



Then after finally getting the dogs back in and calmed down I have to attack them with a dog comb and this rake-looking thing.  Even though they have a summer cut, everything still stick to them.  This is just one of Luna’s ears.



She hates the combing so much, she runs in the door and straight into her hiding place.


Where could she be?

I read something today that seemed to ring true for me and maybe for you.   One subject that many runners discuss over and over is that success in running long distances is as much a mental process as it is a physical one.  It is suggested that you have a mantra that you can repeat to yourself when the going gets tough.  There are mental ‘tricks’ to pass the time and to help you stop thinking about the painful running.  This and all your physical training  comes together to help you reach your goal(s).


Bone Frog Running

So why am I bringing this up?  Because Life is all about reaching goals.  Life is putting one foot in front of the other.   Goals in life are very important.  They give you meaning, they are what gets you up in the morning or keeps you studying till late in the night or even to lace up your shoes and do that workout.


So today think about what your goal or goals are in life.  Are you working towards them or are you letting them drift into your subconscious till you forget them?   You will find yourself liking life that much more when you see a goal ahead of you.

That goal can be something you are working towards in 10 years.  Or it can be as simple as a daily goal.  I will make today a good day, or I will eat healthy all day today.  I have a short-term goal of getting as healthy as I can and to start running again – smartly.

Maybe from now on I will remind you to put one foot in front of the other.  It can mean all sorts of things to each of you.  But it’s  your job to make sure that you’re putting your strongest foot forward.





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