Thursday’s Thoughts and Other Things

It’s February 1st and I’m always glad to see it.  Mostly because I’m happy to be done with January weather but also because we are on the back-side of winter.  Or at least that’s what I try to convince myself.   I sure haven’t had to suffer winter weather here in Oregon.  In fact, the newsman said it’s been the nicest January weather in a long time.  No complaints here.
I return home (Wyoming) on Saturday.  Already I have to worry about weather.  There is supposed to be snow and more snow that weekend – both in Billings, Montana where I fly into and for the 2 hour drive home.

Snowfall amount from Saturday – Sunday         6 – 10 inches
Chance for more than 10 inches: 39%
Chance for less than 6 inches: 27%
To get me prepared, Patient Husband sent me this video he took:

Sorry.  I don’t miss it at all……

But I will miss seeing this face every single morning.
Another nice blue sky and I got in 3-1/2 miles first thing in the morning.
One thing I have noticed when using earphones when running.  I have told you before that I have to use earphones because listening to myself breathing heavily (panting) is depressing.  I have listened to podcasts or my audio books for the last several months.  When I listened to music, my pace was faster.  Not quite lightening speed but close.
Yesterday, I didn’t get outside so I did an hour on the stair-stepper.  Finn was asleep and I watched a whole hour of Let’s Make a Deal………riveting.
I gathered a couple of Finn’s toys together.
No thanks.  This diaper tastes mighty fine.
His crawling is coming along fast!  When he see something he wants, he’s there in a flash!
His ‘bouncer’ is definitely his happy place.   He jumps so hard and so fast, I’m surprised it is still in working order!  One morning I found a kids cartoon (Digger?). which had talking construction trucks.  He was mesmerized.
The bouncer was converted by Finn into a recliner.
Then we decided to make my ‘Egg Bake’.   He is very happy to be in a carrier any time.  This was one of the few moments where he wasn’t trying to grab the bowl off the counter.
And finally, there is absolutely nothing sweeter than this.   If only we could sleep like this….
I hope the Groundhog has some good news for everyone.
I want to thank everyone for their good wishes and prayer for my sister.  She did well in her surgery and no cancer was found in the lymph nodes.  What a relief.  She’ll start radiation later in the month.
So we made it through another week and heading into the weekend.  YAY.
One step at a time,

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