Thursday’s thoughts and things…

I got a late start on my blog today.  Jack was refusing to move.


Finally I convinced him that my lap was available  and I could type and give him attention at the same time.


After running  to a morning appointment,  I was able to stop at our local library.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve been there and wanted to see if they had a selection of books on CD.  Since I’ve been downloading books through Audible I haven’t made a trip there yet.  Wow!  A whole section of the library was devoted to books on CD!  I am planning a trip back to Colorado on Monday and don’t have any books to download for another 10 days.  So this was wonderful!


True, flipping through 10 CDs per book isn’t quite as easy as having it right on your phone, but its free!

I won’t quit Audible because I love to listen while I run.   Yes, there will be a day that I’ll be running and training again.  And, once again, I will complain about how hard it is and the bad weather ……….    I can’t wait!!!




Then I had some time between appointments, so I was able to stop, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee.  This is the kind of stuff I hoped retirement would be like.  Yep, its just as good as I hoped.

I only stared at that display case and did not partake….


Once I got home, I had fun operating some heavy machinery.    Well a small appliance, but still fun.  Have you ever seen this?


May I introduce:  The egg Center.   Perfect hard-boiled eggs every time.


Now I know that boiling eggs really doesn’t require a tremendous amount of skill.  But the shells come off perfectly.  THAT is worth it.   My normal hard-boiled egg is just a yolk and usually resembles this appetizing item:


Well enough proof of my skills.  Its Friday and time to get ready for the weekend!  So smile – you are sooo close!

One step at a time,





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