Thursday’s thoughts and updates.

My day in Vail wasn’t exactly how I had planned it. I slept in – which felt fantastic.  But when I got up it was raining, so I spent some time enjoying my sister’s house and reading.  Then when the weather cleared, I headed to Vail.

This is the view when you exit the parking garage!


This is my favorite building:



First thing I noticed was that it was very, very quiet.  Where is everybody?

This guy was very patient and never took his eye off the door of a store, but still enjoyed me talking to him.  Well actually he really didn’t pay me any attention and I think I blocked his view.   Note how he is at the very end of his leash.  🙂


The more I walked the more I noticed a pattern.  Stores, shops and restaurants were closed until Mid November!  I did find one or two stores that I could walk into.  And then…the clouds opened up!  I ran, well its more of a fast step, hop, step, limp kinda thing.  Anyway by the time I got to the parking garage, my jacket was soaked so I hung it up in the back seat – you know….right next to the umbrella.

They have a lot of cool bronze statues.  This one caught my eye.  So lifelike.



I had a really good lunch outside of town.



My hand appointment was first.  The Surgeon was very happy with my x-rays and my progress with movement and flexibility.  He released me to do whatever I wanted (!) but to continue physical therapy for a couple more weeks.



Finally it was time for my foot appointment.  Believe me I’ve been looking forward to this for a month.   We talked for a while and he said when I have done all that could be done so far (stretching, shoe cushioning, injection, etc.) and I still have pain we need to look further.  So he ordered blood work to cancel out some things that can start with heel pain, and also an MRI to check things like a cyst or a tear somewhere.

I was able to get all that done after the appointment. The Dr. will call me at the beginning of next week with the results.  I just want answers, ya know?

I then went  over to my Niece’s house and had a great evening with her family.

Wednesday I headed home early.  Driving out of the mountains in the pitch black.  Traffic wasn’t bad until I was about 45 minutes out of Denver when I joined the morning commuters.  Luckily I was able to break up my long drive by meeting with my sister-in-law Claire.  We got to enjoy a couple of hours of great conversation and laughs before I was on the road again.

Even an hour or more north of Denver in the middle of the day – the traffic is heavy.


I prefer Wyoming traffic.   It’s non-existant.


Leaving the Rocky Mountains.



index    I can see for miles and miles………

fullsizeoutput_3839I tried to make this as realistic a view for you as possible.  You even get to look through the bug splatters on my windshield.


And as I drove and listened to book #2, the sun went down.



When I finally arrived home, the dogs went crazy!   Jumping and barking and crying – and that was Jake in his cage!   It seriously takes them a long time and a few treats to get them to calm down.  Later while we (the critters and me) were all in the living room curled up and watching t.v. I suddenly looked at Gus and couldn’t figure out what he was chewing on……..



I couldn’t believe it.  He has never chewed up anything before.  I had just taken them off by the door and he was lying about 4 feet from me.  I thought they did this when you were gone and they were mad.  Or bored.

To try to ease the pain, I got on the internet and I have a new pair of boots coming my way.  A girl needs her boots.  Oh don’t tell PH.  He thinks I have too many boots now.   Haha.  What is “too many boots”??


I thought of putting this in my back window during my trip.



It’s Friday!  Hurry and get all that stuff done that you’ve been putting off all week so you can enjoy the weekend.


I know you have seen this before, but can you ever see it too many times?
That’s what I thought.


One step at a time,






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  1. Good Morning my Friend… Having my cup of coffee with you. Ok really my 3rd cup..

    Anxious to hear what they find out from your Test..

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