Thursday’s Thoughts

I actually slept in today – 7:00.  I lay there listening to the wind blow and it was pretty relaxing!

I finally got some time today to work with our horses in the round pen.  It took some convincing to get them in there.  Here they are pretending they don’t hear me.



After making Durango run around and around and changing directions and stopping.  He turns and walks to me – just like he is supposed to do.   YAY.



Then I put them both in at the same time.  Banjo spent his time running behind Durango trying his best to bite him on the butt.  Here they appear to be waiting for directions. Or they are plotting to get me.



Then we tried the plastic bag game.  They both did great.  Didn’t even flinch when I bounced it all over them.


In fact, look at Durango.  He’s dreaming of eating all the grass outside the pen and wondering how much longer is this crazy woman going to swing that bag around my head?

Jack was there to supervise.



Later….. back in the barn, Jack and Murray pretended they were barn cats.



And Banjo pretended he was locked up.



I got my fountain set up and running.  Its amazing to sit outside with my coffee…..  Now if I can just convince the dogs it is not a drinking fountain.


So go get yourself a big mug and sit and have some peaceful moments before the day takes over.



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