Thursday’s Typing, Texting, and Talking

Do you type out your texts, or are you a lazy person like me and dictate them?  Today I was  dictating a text.  What I wanted to say was “I vetoed that“.   This is what printed in the text:  ” I.V.  toad that ”    HAHA  thank goodness I read it before I hit send.

More and more crappy weather, sometimes rain, sometimes sleety-snow (I think that’s a technical meteorological term).  I know I have mentioned that I live on the side of the Big Horn Mountains – over 5,000 feet.  Here is a picture taken out my window.  Look how you can see the point at which the weather changes at the lower elevation.



I was very excited when the UPS man arrived at my door.  Actually I am always excited when he arrives because I cannot remember what I ordered.  When there are no chain stores (except Walmart) or malls nearby, one gets very good at shopping on line.    Anyway, this is what I got!


When I opened the box with wild abandon, Patient Husband didn’t say a word, just slowly shook his head.  Well, I’m excited and can’t wait to try some recipes that I have collected that uses this.  I’ll fill you in on my attempts at a later date.


I saw this on a t-shirt.  Kinda explains it all, doesn’t it?

FIT-ISH  (definition):
semi-fit;  kind of fit;  someone who likes the idea of being fit but equally likes food.

Today was my rest day on the training schedule, but now with the upcoming race, I feel weird not doing something.  But with the latest weather, I might face this:


And now what would my blog be,  if I didn’t add family baby pictures?



DSC_0006 DSC_0003



Your computer screen looks a little dirty, here let him fix it:



Have a great Friday and keep moving!




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