Tis the Season

I wish I had taken a picture of the inside of the post office today.  (I work 2 days a week at our local, teeny-tiny post office).   There was no doubt that the Christmas season was on!  index

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the cats got a new scratching toy.  In the instructions (!) it said that we might have to demonstrate – to the cat – how to scratch it.  Thank goodness they figured it out all by themselves.  Although I really wanted to video PH showing them how to do it.


It was exhausting:


The final decorations to be hung are the family ribbons.  I started this in 1985 taking pictures of the kids each year:



Alistair and Ahnika, my grandchildren, live in Northern NY state.  My daughter-in-law posted this with the caption:  “When your sister starts to upstage you in pictures”.  I’ll let you figure out which two they are.



And now, if any of you ever wonder if dogs and kids go together:

Friends to play with.



Great backrest:



Just chillin’ together:


cartoon watching.



So now that you are smiling, have a wonderful Sunday.

One step at a time,



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