Today is Tuesday

Have you ever been off on vacation or at least out of work and have a hard time keeping track of what day it is?  I’m already getting that way.  I think  Patient Husband is ready to put a sticky note on my arm that says Today is Tuesday.

Today was filled with appointments.  We got the dogs to the vet so now they are on antibiotics and cough medicine.  Then a stop to get me a prescription.  I am allergic to some medical tape – apparently the tape they used on me.  So now I have hives and incredible itching on the area where they gave me the nerve block.  So all night long…..

A physical therapist told me not to run until all pain is gone.  That way if I feel anything, I’ll know its too soon.  So instead I’m reading and reading what I believe to be current events.  Here are some of the headlines I found today.


I have a special offer today.


I have used the ItFit headbands and love them.  They stay in place and are cool.  I love the way you can make them different widths for different looks.  If you use this link:    you will get 35% off of everything on their website.  How great is that!

And that’s all there is to it!
Here’s to a pain-free and itch-free night!



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