Too Much TV and Loving it!

I have to apologize.  I had all intents and purposes of doing a blog last night  And then, well, then Gilmore Girls happened.    I’ve been waiting for just the right time to watch.   So once PH left for work – it was on.


There are 4 episodes – each 1-1/2 hours long.  So maybe 2 tonight and 2 tomorrow night I thought.   At 1:30 am I headed to bed after watching all 4.  I was addicted.  And then today I got to talk about the whole thing with my physical therapist who is also a fan.


Now, of course there are other things that occurred.  When we travel in the car, there is a lot of space for the dogs.  But they all want to be near as possible to the front seat.  Jake seems to be asking me “What am I supposed to do here?”fullsizeoutput_3908


But in the end, he decided to just go with it.



It has been…….a  couple of weeks   very, very long time since Jake has gotten a bath because of his broken leg.




I decided to take some scissors to his face and feet to at least be able to see him a little better.


Although it appears that I may have become the mad groomer, he in fact looks much better.  That hair is just from his head and 3 feet!

I kept catching Luna removing ornaments (soft cloth ones) from the tree.  So when I gave her one of her own toys, she had a very good time.


And after more fun…


She fell asleep.



Jill has completely approved the new tree in the house.  And with just a little rearranging of the tree skirt – perfect.



Jack likes the pic of Jill.


As I was looking at one of the 978 catalogs we seem to receive each day in the mail, (hey don’t blame your postal person – we get all these crazy catalogs, too)  I found some t-shirts that would be perfect for me and my sisters.  (actually I think they are perfect for most all families).   I have two older and one younger sister so they will all relate to this!



And now another t-shirt I may just have to buy:



Ok, lets start your day with some cuteness:


One step at a time,



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