Topsy-Turvy Times

Have you ever had one of those days that starts out pretty good but then everything falls apart.  That was my Tuesday.


Even though we had that terrible  wind forecast, when I woke up and listened……silence!  Eureka – I’m going for a run!   Then because I don’t just ‘throw on a pair of shoes and go’, the wind started up.  By the time I picked out what to wear, put on the shoes, the knee strap, earphones, headband, gloves, set up the audio book, and the GPS….. it was gusting anywhere from 18-20 mph.

Patient Husband thought I was crazy.  But my schedule said I only needed to do 3-1/2 miles.  Out I went.  The first gust smacked me in the face, but now I was determined.  Then I got out to the road and the wind was at my back!  Yep the whole 3+ miles.  The  3 miles were  8:50, 8:14, 8:10 minute/miles.  Its the first time I ever loved the wind!


It was such a pretty clear day, we thought of going for a drive somewhere but there were warnings of the crosswinds on the road, so we stayed home.


Then the call came…… the call from the tax man.  We owe HOW MUCH??  That’s exactly what I said!  I was sure I misunderstood.  So now the scrambling begins – 10 days to raise the money.  My race medals are valuable, aren’t they?   Anybody need a kidney?

Well at least the animals kept me entertained.  First, a tug of war.



Then ‘attack a cat’:


You may remember a few blogs back, that I told you it wasn’t safe to send Patient Husband to the store on his own.  The result is 16 boxes of rice (couldn’t remember if we needed rice or not),  4 dozen eggs, etc.   Today he came home from the store and this is what was in the last bag:



Little does he know that I was so upset over our tax bill, that I did some on-line retail therapy.   Neither one makes any sense, ya know?    Now that I think of it, those water guns may come in handy.






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