Travelling, Pre-op, and Some Mixed Signals

On Monday I said it would be a week of challenges and boy was I right!  I am home and feeling much better, but lets go back to Monday.

After dropping the doggies off at the kennel, we headed to Denver.  But first a little guy was walking down the road.


When I got out of the car, he walked right up to me long enough for me to pat him and then off he went – to wherever he was headed.


We stayed at a very nice Hilton in Denver and also made a trip to the Apple store.  I love that place!!


Then Tuesday morning we left for Vail.  Such beautiful country.



Once we got to Vail we had a busy day.   First an MRI of my hand that was to be operated on.  Then a lunch downstairs in the hospital cafeteria.


Then in the afternoon I had an appointment with a great Dr. – Dr Clanton – for my foot.  An x-ray later and lots of questions and discussions, he informed me it was NOT Plantar Fasciitis.  I had injuried a ”section” of my heel.  He described the heel as several sections seperated by a thin membrane (made me imagine a grapefruit).  The answer for healing was cushioning.   So no more $400 orthotics – they actually aggravated the problem.  He also recommended a new shoe for running :  Hoka Ones.

IMG_0408 IMG_0409

I’ll let you know later how they are.

Then it was time to contact my brother-in-law.  After all, we were staying at his and my sister’s house.  So I sent him a text.



Oh Stew, you are so funny! So I responded:



What a comedian.  My answer:


WHAT???  Oh my God what have I done?  I immediately checked my contacts, and sure enough I had typed in the wrong area code.




Turns out John lives in Alaska………
and has a good sense of humor.


One step at a time….even if it might be in the wrong direction sometimes.




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