Trying new paths, new foods, new ideas

It was a beautiful morning so I decided to try a new running path today.


I tried out my new Energizer drink as I drove to the path.  I was a little worried it might make me have to go to the bathroom during my run but luckily it didn’t.  It actually tasted quite good.  I just wasn’t sure about the color….


The path was about 20 minutes from home.  I wonder if people can see me and wonder if I have a robotic arm.


The entrance to the pathway was empty except for some relaxing mule deer who didn’t even flinch as I ran past.


I had gotten recommendations to try this path, but I had no idea what to expect.  It was a very nice path, quite wide and meandered through some park-like areas and neighborhoods.  I saw some alternate paths splitting off, so I can make some variations each time.


The  surprise was the amount of rolling hills!  There were a couple of times I thought my GPS broke as I was sure I had completed more miles than it was saying!


I  finished 5.1 miles and was happy to see my last miles were  just a hair   faster than my first miles.

1.0 mi.     10:42 min/mi
2.0 mi      10:37 min/mi
3.0 mi      10:19 min/mi
4.0 mi      10:09 min/mi
5.0 mi        9:37 min/mi

Tonight we are exhausted.


Update:  We are finishing up day 4 on the metabolism diet.  Each week is divided into 3 phases.  Friday starts phase 3.  And then start over again on Monday.  It took 2 full days to get rid of my no-caffeine headache.  We are having about 2 cups of decaf each day.  I will definitely go back to my full octane coffee after 28 days but wanted to be able to say I followed this diet completely.  needcoffee


Have any of you tried the Fast Metabolism Diet?  What were your results?

Do you like trying new running courses or do you do the same one ?



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