Tuesday Travels on Oahu and Remembering Pearl Harbor

I can’t keep up with myself!  We have been so busy!

Tuesday morning we were up and out of the house before 5 a.m.  (No walking/running that day folks!)  We caught a flight with Hawaiian Air to Oaha.  I was very glad it wasn’t a ‘puddle jumper’.

The flight was about 37 minutes – so fast I had to turn in my coffee cup before I finished!  Looking down as we approached Honolulu.

The forecasters had predicted rain the whole day but we actually never got it.  Our rental car awaits us.

I loved Honolulu.  Bustling and pretty.  I saw designer stores I have only heard of!  We walked through a ‘mall’ to reach the restaurant we had picked out for our breakfast.

We dined at Duke’s Canoe Club.

Then we left Honolulu to discover the coastline.


This is one of my favorites:


We saw many swimmers and surfers – even right beside these warnings on the lifeguard stand.


Then we headed to Pearl Harbor.  First we toured the submarine, the “Bowfin”.   These doorways would keep me from eating that second    donut.


Then over to the Arizona Memorial.  After watching a very informative movie, they take you over on a boat.

You can actually see the top of the Arizona.

And over 60 years later, there is still oil leaking to the surface.  Kinda creepy.

Very, very sobering .


That evening we were waiting for our return flight to Maui and this little guy stole my heart.

Hope you are having a wonderful week.

One step at a time,




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