Tuesday’s Topics

Today was National Puppy Day.  Have you ever wondered who the heck thinks this up???    But I love puppies and I just happened to have two, so why not celebrate?  In honor of this day I took Jake and Luna to the vet.  YAY!  It was their first visit.  Jake is 19 lbs and little Luna is 16.  They behaved beautifully while being poked, prodded and getting their shots.


While there, the office presented us with a plaster mold of Moose’s paw print.  Its beautiful and I thanked them over and over.  So sweet for them to do that.




I  had a job that I had to drive to today.  3 hrs. round trip and since we got about 5 inches of snow and my $5,000 deer/mobile is in the shop, I rented this pretty thing.


Oooh a 4-runner is the way to go!   I got home around 7 pm, finished my paperwork, ate a salad, and I’m ready to do some reading before bed.   I found this incredible item:


And this:


and one more, just because it is Puppy day and I love to bombard you with cuteness before you walk out the door.







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