Tuesday’s Travels and Tribulations

I woke this morning hearing the wind howling.  Darn – I kinda thought I’d sneak out for a short run but it was not in the cards.  I had a bunch to do before we started our drive to Denver, starting with packing.  Why does it take an entire suitcase for just my running gear??


I have to post the obligatory picture of the pet that doesn’t want to be left behind.  Murray, I’m talking about you.


Speaking of pets.  It takes a day just to get them taken care of.  Thank goodness my friend Sherri is caring for the horses, so just had to top off their water and say goodbye.  Then Murray needs a variety of places to go, so we set up the tri-portapotty.


Next, we headed off to the ends of the world (well the other side of the county) to drop off the two dogs.  Here’s a couple of sights as we left our house.

IMG_2292 IMG_2291

Always have to wash the car before a trip.  We can’t let people in Colorado see how dirty the Wyoming vehicles are.


The winds were incredible from Casper to Cheyenne.  Signs were warning us of 50 MPH gusts.  Its hard to tell but this was a truck and trailer on its side ahead of us.


Stopped for Chinese lunch in Casper.


As we continued on, I decided to check and see what the weather will be for my race on Sunday.  Check it out.


Yes, it says 90% chance of thunderstorms on Sunday.  Are you kidding me?????


We made it to our hotel near the airport in about 6 hours – not bad.  Our flight doesn’t leave until after 11 so we don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn.  Which is great because it will be difficult to sleep with visions of me running in torrential rain.  I mean….. my HAIR!…. what will my race photo look like?…….will my wet clothes be clinging to every roll on my body?   I could try to run with an umbrella.  Its gonna be a long night….

Running like a drenched rat myself ragged,


4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Travels and Tribulations

  1. Good luck, hope the weather holds. At least the phone won’t go sub-zero lock down on you. But maybe get it a rain jacket in case.

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