Tuesday’s Travels

It was a beautiful day today – bright blue skies.  We had some appointments in Casper today, so we headed out fairly early.

The terrain changes quite dramatically as we headed south.



Of course I love seeing all the animals and wildlife. Hundreds and hundreds of these cute sheep and lots of little lambs.



I’m not sure if I mentioned before or not, but I have an extreme case of auto-induced sleep.  For the life of me, I can’t stay awake during a car ride! So its not unusual for Hubby to wake me so I can get pictures.   I’m told I’m really not a pretty sight.


Luckily if I’m driving, I am not affected by this syndrome.

This young guy is getting pretty close.  Don’t you love those fuzzy antlers?



The mountain behind our house is a favorite spot for para-gliders.  I love watching them float over us.



Tomorrow I will run 3 miles downtown.  There are some good steep hills I want to work on.    Good weather in the 70s for the next week!






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