Two Momentous Occasions — Jake is Home and National Coffee Day

Hurray, he’s home!!  We picked Jake up today and after a lengthy talk by the Vet, we brought him home.  We looked at the ‘before’ x-rays (ouch!) and then the x-rays with all the hardware inside.  It looks robotic!


So after  cleaning up the banana peels and bringing the cage/kennel out to the living room, we got him all settled in.




Then we brought in the buddies.  Lots of kisses through the bars to Luna. (and me)




Gus stood for a long time staring at him … or maybe it was the big chewbone that I gave Jake.



When Jake was done showing off his leg,



Gus settled in for the long run.



Here is a random picture I took of a pastel sunset yesterday…



I’m told its National Coffee Day.  Hmmmm.  I guess if I was a Starbucks person I’d go to Starbucks with every other Starbucks person, stand in line only to order a plain black coffee.  No Latte, Mocha, Macchiato, Expresso or Iced Coffee.  Just black, please.   May I   pay the same amount I pay for a whole bag of coffee.? Thank you.


I actually enjoy regular coffee shops.  What’s better than sitting and sharing a cup of coffee. (well actually I won’t share my cup, you’ll have to get your own)..



I can’t resist when we are on this subject:





Finally was able to get my followup appointments for my hands and heel.  The END of October.  Oh well …. another trip to Vail, Colorado.    Darn.  🙂




Its almost the weekend!  I hope your week has been easy and smooth and that you have something planned fun for the weekend.

One step at a time,











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