Utter Randomness

A very quiet day today.  I started out with 4 miles on the treadmill.  I didn’t even need my passport as I decided to go to Sequoia National Park.


I will probably buy this trail video as it was really a great one.  I listened to my audiobook, “A Checklist for Murder” and I was surprised how fast the 4 miles went by.  I have found that listening to a book takes my mind off running even more than music.

Had to go into town today and saw this view of the canyon/mountains.  Even through the fog and clouds, the mountains are beautiful.



Then when in town, I saw this home.  I don’t even know what to say.


I’ve been reading more about my upcoming 1/2 marathon and getting pretty excited.  It will be very different from the road races.  I’ll share more of that with you tomorrow.


Tonight’s view of the city of Sheridan looked like this:
Note that just about a mile below our house – the snow stops. Yep after that its just green pastures!



Have a great rest of your day,



2 thoughts on “Utter Randomness

  1. Once again another bright spot in my day.. Thank you Anne.. So glad Sky and I got to see the Sequoia National Park. on our trip last fall…

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