Waiting on the Weekend

Friday was my second appointment with Physical Therapist,  Angelita.   She was pleased with my hands and how much the swelling is going down so quickly.  I’m still experiencing pain but that might be that I’ve been a little over zealous in my exercises.  (patience Anne, patience)

After incredible foot pain last night and then limping in to the office I decided to see what her thoughts were on my attempts at walking.  She listened as I told her what I did the day before.  Then she said “too much”.  She said starting out should be 1/4 mile.   (Patience, Anne)  Do you see a pattern here?    She also suggested that when I do decide to add a little running into the walking, that I do it on the treadmill.  Treadmills have a small amount of “give”.

So I guess Patient Husband can be called PDS-PH (Pretty Darn Smart Patient Husband).  Thank goodness he didn’t have too much fun saying “Told ya so”.




As I was outside today, I found a little project  that I will definitely leave for PH to attend to.  Yikes.


I did not investigate to see if they are wasps or hornets, either way they need to die.


While PH was sleeping, he closed the door and hung out the do not disturb sign.  Luna was not happy and decided to stay there and pout.



Jake, on the other hand, rarely leaves my side.



I tried to cut up a new watermelon.  But the challenge of handling big knives was not safe for any one in the house or for my remaining 9-1/2 fingers….


Just getting this far took me a very long time.  So I left it – hoping someone would take pity on me or maybe the watermelon itself.




I hope your weekend is going smoothly and you are getting a chance to enjoy some nice weather.

I’ll be having coffee long distance with Robin, moaning about our feet with Diane, and missing this guy – Alistair.


Take it one step at a time – wherever you are.

And don’t forget those we lost on 9/11.





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