Wake Up! It’s Still Winter!

When we landed in Montana, we had a 2 hour drive home and another 30 minute drive to pick up the 3 dogs.  When we called to let them know, we were told how wonderful they had been and how much fun they had while we were gone.

I was afraid that when we showed up, the dogs would say, “Oh no, they’re back”.


But they did seem happy to see me and jumped in the car within seconds.  They also seemed happy to be home:

There was still a BIG reminder of the snowstorm we missed while on vacation.  The biggest snowbank ever in front of our house.  Probably 8 foot high or more…

I’m not sure how Sherri got in to feed my horses but thank goodness she did.  They were also looking very good and I think they were smiling.

See how the snow had melted out in the yard and pasture?

Last night and today we got about 5-6 more inches.    Please let me go back to Maui – where the temperatures stay in the 70s and the white all around is sand.

I spent the days unpacking, doing laundry, packing away the summer clothes, and cooking soups.  More than 2 weeks of eating fabulous foods – it’s time to buckle down again.

The dogs absolutely love the snow.  The snow doesn’t even stay on Gus’s coat (he’s the Chesapeake retriever) but the Doodles come in with tons of ice balls stuck to them.

Jake likes to wear his towel for a long time.

Even when cold and ice covered, the nose still finds a biscuit.


Yep, when he gives me this look, he gets the biscuit.


Even the horses’ manes were frozen:


Now just when you thought you saw every cute video, you were wrong:


And now you are ready to apply for this job so you can sit in a pool with a hippo, right?  Well if you read this you’ll understand  why I don’t like to swim in pools....

Sorry if I ruined your day with that!

But here is something I DO like.


And now I need sleep.  Back to work tomorrow.  I hope you have had a great week.

One step at a time,




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