Warm, Sunny Days Can’t Last Forever

When I got up this morning, I found Murray.  Apparently I should have shut him off earlier.  He never made it off the bar stool.


After having several weeks of temperatures in the high 50s and low 60s, we got a forecast:

Wednesday Night 90 % Precip. / 3-5 in:    Chance of snow 90%. 3 to 5 inches of snow expected.

Thursday 11/17 23 | 9 °F 100 % Precip. / 5-8 in.    Snow likely. High 23F. Winds N at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 100%. Snow accumulating 5 to 8 inches.

Thursday Night 70 % Precip. / 1-3 in

AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!  Luckily all we have left to do is the snow fence which I think I mentioned about a month ago……   oh well this forecast made us get out today and finally do it.  I wrapped a plastic bag around my cast to keep it clean.  The horses joined us in the field.  Banjo preferred to keep his nose about 10″ from each area that we worked.  I guess he knew exactly how he wanted this fence done.


In some places we had to overlap the fencing.  We get HUGE drifts…..


We worked hard to get done as quickly as possible because the sun goes behind the mountain at 3:00 now.  And I am immediately freezing!

I know the BIG moon is Monday night, but it looked pretty great tonight.



We call this our Thanksgiving trees.  All those large black images you see are turkeys!!



I am always happy to come in from the outside and find our dinner ready in the crockpot.  Tonight was a pork tenderloin, onions and sweet potatoes.  Mmmmm.



I am watching the fires in North Carolina and they are just terrible.  This picture was taken at Lake Lure where some of Dirty Dancing was filmed.  I was married in that gazebo at the bottom of the picture.   Lots of prayers for the firefighters there.




And now we need some time for some chuckles – well at least a smile.


Too much camo?



Somehow I doubt there were any volunteers……




Hmmm. Could you give them directions??





Wait a minute!   I think I know him!



I hope your new week has started off well.    Don’t give in.  Don’t forget your wishes and your dreams.  Just go towards them one step at a time….







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