We All Need Encouragement and Great News!!

I was going to write about, well, nothing.  Yes.  I sat here trying to think of interesting things that have happened and well the theme seemed to be “nothing”.

But then the most magnificent news came to my attention.  It has changed my entire outlook on life.  Actually it will probably change all of our lives!   Are you sitting down?  Here goes:

Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast May Improve Mental Performance And Alertness, Study Says

The study, which was published on Japan’s Excite News website Tuesday, compared participant’s brain activity in people who had been given ice cream immediately after waking up with those who had not eaten ice cream. Koga found that people who had consumed ice cream for breakfast showed better reaction time and were able to process information better than those who did not have the ice cream. Further tests of brain activity also showed that the people who had ice cream first thing in the morning had an increase in high-frequency alpha waves, which are associated with higher levels of alertness and can reduce mental irritation, the report said.

Subjects were tested a second time, during which they were given cold water instead of ice cream immediately after waking up. Although the results from that particular test did show higher levels of alertness and mental capacity, people who had ice cream for breakfast showed significantly higher mental stimulation.

DID you read all that??????  I will not need to read or research this any more.  I will live by this.  You know how important it is to me to be happy    healthy.


Now that you are all happy and smiling and on your way to the grocery store to stock up on Chunky Monkey, I’ll share some more minor things that have been going on.



When I work on Saturday’s I get up super early (by 5 a.m).  and it was gray and cloudy.  But by the time I got home it was beautiful.


I stayed outside letting the dogs run about a million laps around the house.  Then I made two big pots of soup.  Chicken Chowder for PH and sweet potato soup for me.

I have a confession to make.  The other day I ran outside.  I decided on 3 miles.  I did ok the first half, but on the return, I walked a few times.  Not a big deal, right?  Well it was for me.  All that talk about starting slow, and run/walking, and I knew I would be starting at square one.  Blah blah blah.  Who was I kidding?  Me, I guess.  I felt very discouraged.  How can I even think of doing another half marathon?????

So I decided to admit it.  I guess so you will understand that this is hard.  But I’m not quitting.  We just need to encourage eachother…….

Tonight I put in the Insanity DVD and the dogs got so excited.

When I got done, I took a picture of my face dripping in sweat, so you would know how hard I worked out.  But when I saw myself (Hint: don’t ever do a workout with mascara on),  I decided to delete it.    Who would want to do that work-out if that’s how you look afterward!

Anyway,  back on the couch, these two were extremely serious and extremely close!  I have no idea what they were discussing.

But Jake refused to listen any more.


Does this mean he needs a bigger bed?


When I tell you I was on the treadmill for hours……..


I hope your weekend is going great!!  Let’s keep moving.

Oh, and PH if you are reading this at work, don’t forget to stop and bring home breakfast.


One pint step at a time,



3 thoughts on “We All Need Encouragement and Great News!!

  1. Keep up the running..you will get it back! Could send me the recipes for your soups…they sound yummy!
    Love you,


    Life is precious, life is fragile and life is short. Live each day with kindness & mindfulness.

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