Wednesday’s This and That

We looked at the forecast for the week and decided Tuesday better be the day to go to Costco up in Billings, Montana.   We headed out and the roads looked good.  And I love those blue skies.



And then suddenly……  what the heck???

We couldn’t even see the tractor trailer ahead of us.  Fortunately, we got the shopping done and arrived safely home.

We stopped at a kitchen store to get a new “must-have” –  an immersion blender for the soups I am making.  While there, I saw  a true must have!

He proudly stands on my hearth now.


During our last snow, the winds were incredible.  Therefore lots of drifts.  We also discovered a snow fence we put up had to come down.  It was too close to the driveway.  PH headed out to move those drifts and the fence.


We’ve been putting Jake in the cage lately because it was that or continuous, attacks on Luna-in-heat.  But realizing that it wasn’t all that fair, we gave Luna some time out too.  She actually likes it.  It’s either the rawhide I give her or the fact that she can relax for the first time in days.


I thought it was kinda cute that Jake likes to sleep next to her.

Orrrrrr,  is he stalking her.  (?)

While Patient Husband  was out getting necessary things done, it seemed like a great day to be in comfy clothes and get some things done around the house.  By the way, ever since I’ve been in this cast, I have had to wear sweatpants or soft,  stretchy leggings.  I never have to change into comfy clothes — I’m in them 24/7!

I threw in some laundry and made a new favorite recipe.  It’s a Paleo/Whole30 vegetable stew with ground turkey in it.   Very yummy.


This is Murray’s reaction when I yelled “don’t let the cat out of the bag!”


Then I heard an ornament fall off the tree. (Thank goodness for plastic)  I immediately thought it was Jill as she was in her spot under the tree wrapped up in the tree skirt.  Then I saw the whole tree wiggle.   Jack, is that you?

Jack, you really can’t hide.


Yep, I see you.


Settled in savoring the view.


I then thoroughly cleaned up the bedroom.  Washed the linens, cleaned the bathroom.  Then I realized that the cedar chest looked like a treadmill.  ??   It was completely covered in clothes piled high.   Deep breath.  Dig in.

When PH got home, he asked if it was a new piece of furniture and what happened to our clothes rack?

I hope hump day is going well for you too.

One step at a time,




Oh and did I mention that someone you love
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