Wednesday’s Wit and Whining

Let’s start out with a New Year picture.

Here is Jack ‘ringing in the new year’, or ‘rockin’ round the clock…….   Shall I keep going?


My little Luna just didn’t seem like herself yesterday.  Then because of other symptoms we decided she better go to the vet.  The diagnosis was pyometra.  Apparently a very dangerous infection and her white blood cell count was 47,000 – more than 3 times the normal.   Poor little girl was taken into surgery.  But things went well and she should be coming home tomorrow.

Gus is sad and moping around while she is gone.  He got in the cage on his own.  Note he is not even eating his biscuit.


We are having seriously cold weather.  I’m talking double-digit negative temps without the wind chill.  So why do the horses prefer to stand where we can see them looking as miserable as possible?  All they have to do is turn around and go in the barn.


PH brought out a couple of ‘stocking stuffers’ that he forgot to give me.  How many of you remember these?  I used to get one every year as a kid.


And then although this says “As Seen on TV”, I have never seen it.  It’s called Crumbly.  It’s a teeny weeny vacuum for crumbs!   How cute is that?


We ventured out into the cold to see a movie tonight.  Manchester by the Sea.  Wow – very moving and great acting.  I recommend it.  But don’t forget the tissues.



This may or may not have been taken in Wyoming……


Half-way through the week – keep your head up!

One step at a time,



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