Wednesday’s Words of Wackiness

I had a case of insomnia last night.  Have you had that?  Drives me crazy!  I tried everything I could think of.  Counting sheep didn’t work either.


Today was my  two week anniversary of my hand surgery.  We started out early today because both of us had medical appointments.  There were beautiful sights out there.


And the girls were having a morning coffee klatch


Cassie and Anjelita at the physical therapy office took out my stitches and made me a new cast/splint.  They thought my scar looked beautiful but I will save you the gory details. No new exercises for me though.  Maybe at the 4 week visit…

IMG_1410Over at the hospital, Patient Husband had a stress test (passed with flying colors) and I had  to have x-rays to send to my surgeon.  The stress test took a lot longer so here was my view. But most of the time I was asleep sitting in the chair.


On the way home, we were wondering about trying this soup.  Sugar-free and gluten-free are good for you, just not sure about Ethanol-free.


When we did stop for lunch, somebody realized they still had the electrode patches still  stuck on him.   ooops.


I checked the road shoulders on the way and they actually looked pretty good.  Maybe a morning run?

Sometimes love hurts.

If you can’t run, well lets at least dream  about it….



Anyone suffer from insomnia?  Have you found anything that helps?




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