Weekend running and relaxing

Today started out as a lazy day.  Sleeping till 7:00 then relaxing with coffee, veggie omelet and the morning news via the internet. (Because they say that eating while watching tv is unhealthy.)  cat

All night long we listened to the crazy wind and as I put the pillow over my head I kept wishing it would be over by morning.  No such luck.  All morning it was anywhere between 19 and 26 mph.  So the morning long run was delayed.


I hate doing that because most of the time    some of the time I have a hard time getting motivated again.


After doing those Sunday chores that are always around, we took the dogs out for a ride in the car.  I was able to locate a couple of trails I’d like to try and then we went to the car wash .  Wow I had no idea how terrifying that would be.



In an instant, Luna climbed over two dogs and landed in my lap.  Everything was fun and games until she started to pee…..on my lap.IMG_1624
She was really sorry.

Jake found out he is tall enough to look out the window now.


I don’t know why but I got myself out on the treadmill when we got home.  I listened to a ‘Runner’s Connect’ podcast and ran through Killarney, Ireland for 5 miles.  For those of you keeping track of my travels on RunSocial, this is definitely one of my top choices so far.

I found this video that all runners will appreciate and actually does motivate me.  For those of you who are not runners – I think you will also enjoy it and it will confirm your thoughts of runners!


I hope you all had a great relaxing and fun weekend, lets get up and go this week!




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