Weekend Walks, Runs and Relaxation

Saturday morning started out with an early workday and ended with some cross-training.  ShaunT’s Insanity helped me with that.  I used to say that I really don’t ever sweat much until I started Insanity.  Now I’m on the Olympic team.




Sunday – Mother’s Day – was my long run day.  So I had 8 miles looming over me.  But at about mile 3, this was the sunrise I faced.


I completed the 8 miles but that last mile sure felt longer than the others.  But overall, a 9:35 pace.

Then home to breakfast, relaxing and reading.  I’ve been wanting to go up the mountain with the dogs for awhile now and decided today would be a great day.

I loaded the 3 dogs up and headed up the road.  Its right in our ‘back yard’ but its also straight up.


Very quickly I realized we would not be going on any trails.  Everywhere I looked was either snow or mud.  So we decided to hike around in the open fields.



The Doodles loved being in the snow again.



Actually they didn’t mind the mud either.



I was able to find a lot of Moose tracks (not the ice cream kind) and moose poop, but no moose.   Everywhere were these ‘tunnels’ which I believe are from moles (?).  But I think this one was writing a message in code….






Somewhere in Wyoming there is a 3-legged deer running around.



And a man with one shoe.



By the time we got home, everyone was exhausted and my legs were crying, so more relaxing and coffee.



I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day, however it was spent.  If your kids are still at home with you – enjoy every minute.  It goes by so fast…

Have a good Monday!



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